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Clean Power

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There are several options to going solar and we can provide all of them.

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Site Assessment

A site assessment is probably the most basic step in the solar process. However, it is also one of the most crucial. Assessing your property is more than simply taking a glance of an aerial photo to see which direction your roof is facing or measuring for how many panels can be crammed on top. Our professionals have a multi-point check-list that entails among other things, the structural integrity of the roof support and whether or not it could handle the additional load, determining the age of the roof to make sure it can last at least another 20 years, if the roof will not last, determine the cost of replacement or covering the existing material. We will inspection of the electrical system currently powering the building, seek out a suitable site for installing the inverter and many other concerns. Every detail of a site assessment is important. If even one element is not taken into consideration, your project may never launch.


Feasibility Studies

Our feasibility study will be delivered to you in clear and easy to understand terms. Don’t let people convince you this is a simple process and Solar is a simple thing. It is complex, requires solid engineering and high quality materials that will last. After reviewing our study, you will have a clear understanding of the materials being proposed, their warranties, our warranties, initial costs, expected rebates, grants or tax credits, annual utility savings and most importantly, your expected annual income from your solar array. We will provide you with 25 year cash-flow analysis based on your system size, your current federal and state tax rate and projected SREC’s. There is a science to solar energy and there is a science to the financial side as well.


Proposal Reviews

If you’re a business or property owner then you’re probably smart enough to have gotten more than one proposal from more than one company. Assuming one of those companies isn’t Green Planet, we offer proposal review services to help you make informed decisions. You have enough on your plate without immersing yourself into the solar world and the thousands of suppliers that comprise it. We will review and explain each proposal, explain each of their pro’s and con’s and help you make informed decisions.