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PPA Developers

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PPA Developers


Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Services

Why is Green Planet Builders the best choice for your EPC needs? With its roots in the commercial building industry in NY and NJ, Green Planet has successfully navigated its way through the many roadblocks that New York and New Jersey construction projects are famous for. It is simply not enough to “Know how to install a solar array.” Without the ability to get through each and every municipality’s individual requirements, your project can be tied up for months, years or never get off the ground at all. The combined building experience of our team in New Jersey is over 65 years. We have demolished, renovated and constructed buildings in nearly every township, municipality and city in the State. We even built former Governor Jon Corzine’s personal home. In short, we get your project completed. Additionally, because we stem from commercial construction, there are few obstacles we cannot readily overcome. From new roofs to structural support to concrete pads for the inverters, we will make your site work.

Through Green Planet Builders and its strategic partners, your commercial or utility scale array will not only get off the ground, but will get built and approved and start earning revenue on time and on budget. By offering penalty clauses in every contract and asking for no bonus when we deliver ahead of schedule, we put our money where our mouths are. We can EPC any solar PV project up to 25 Megawatts and can bond any project up to 100 million dollars.


Grant and Rebate Processing

If paperwork gives you a headache, then paperwork for solar is sure to give you a migraine. Green Planet Builders, provides complete turn-key solar solutions. This means that all your permits, grants, applicable rebates, SREC registration, utility interconnection, etc., is done by us. As a developer, you have enough to worry about. Let us to the legwork for you.


SREC Management

Let’s face it, SREC’s are what drive the solar industry. It’s nice to go green, but without saving or earning green, there’s just no incentive. Depending on the Utility that services the site of your project, you have the opportunity to secure SREC prices for up to 10 years forward. This means hedging yourself against a potentially volatile SREC market. We will establish and register your account and set you up with a program that meets your investment strategy.


Operations and Maintenance

The goal of O&M is to help maximize our customers’ energy generation and protect their investment by maintaining the plant and equipment to the highest industry standards. To achieve this goal, Green Planet Builders develops site-specific plans, processes, and procedures which document the O&M procedures for each individual array, ensuring top-tier support.

Choose from three levels of service or inquire about a custom built O&M package for your solar system. Providing peace of mind that your solar investment will run and operate at top performance levels, the Green Planet Builders O&M team provides a range of proactive services from standard maintenance and monitoring to offerings maximizing the system’s performance, longevity and return on investment.